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Archaeological Geophysics

Find out more about the aplications of Geophysical methods in Archaeology and discover the Ancient Roman Town Romula.

The field camp is strictly conditioned by the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. If the situation deteriorates, we will have to cancel this event.


We are delighted to announce the SEG Field Camp 2020 entitled “Archaeological Geophysics for Sustainable Local Community Development: Ancient Roman Town Romula” that will take place from 4th of August until 13th of September 2020, Reșca village, Dobrosloveni commune, Olt county, Romania.

Join us in this interactive research activity aimed to give all interested students a unique opportunity to learn and apply a wide range of geophysical and geochemical exploration methods in a complex geological context. Expand your knowledge in geosciences and acquire new skills with scientists and trainers who will coordinate the field work.

This will be a multicultural experience for enthusiastic young people eager to make new acquaintances with people from all around the world and share their knowledge in geophysics.